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Window Replacement Services in Parker, Colorado

I am Mike Tarin, the owner of Parker Window Screen, offering high-quality window replacement and repair services in and around Parker, Colorado.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, I have a vast knowledge and understanding of different window products than anybody in Colorado. I offer the lowest prices in the business, along with excellent warranties.

Specialties of Parker Window Screen

At Parker Window Screen, you will not have to go through pushy sales pitches. I love having straight forward work discussions with my clients. If you reach out to my office, you will get a prompt call back.

Most of my screen replacement and repair works are completed within 24 hours unless otherwise indicated during the estimate. I try to complete our projects within the tentative timeline with an excellent finish.

Parker Window Screen


  • Window replacement
  • Window repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Screen repair
  • Door screen installation
  • Patio screens
  • Window glass replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete window replacement, window glass replacement, window and patio door re-screens, new patio doors, window, and door screens rebuilt.

  • Re-screen only (no frames built) approximately $45
  • A new framework and screen approximately $65
  • Patio door re-screen $50 to $80
  • New glass replaced and installed $275 to $500 depending on the size
  • A new window with installation $425 to $700 depending on the size and brand of the window

Re-screening can be done as fast as one day. Replacement glass for a window usually takes 6-10 days. Ordering and installing new windows can take around five weeks.


Not in Douglas County, however, in further counties, we may charge a trip fee, but it will be reasonable. It runs about $50 per hour of drive time. If a purchase is made higher than $100, we will apply the trip charge to the purchase amount.


Parker Window Screen is a locally owned and operated debt-free company with low operational costs. Our prices generally are more economical than most other companies.

Being a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in my work. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our work we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Most significant brands: Milgard, M.I., Revere, Berkshire, are some of the mid-level windows. Soft Lite and Sunrise are our two higher-end products.

All the manufacturers I work with offer standard warranties, and most are lifetime on the product and offer a two-year limited labor warranty.

All manufacturers offer Low E, short for low emissions glass. Certain thresholds of efficiency can be federal, stately, and locally regulated. For more information on levels of performance, go to

Some manufacturers do use argon/krypton gas.

Most manufacturers do.

Most manufacturers offer at least tan/almond, and some provide different wood grain interior finishes.

True tinting is a film applied to the windows after installation from a third party. Tinting VOID all manufacturer warranties and drastically reduces the life cycle of the window and door products.

No, I do not want the liability of repairing windows that are past their life cycle.

Yes, they include but not limited to satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass is the most common among manufacturers.

Yes, cost varies depending on the type.

Frequently Asked Questions About Screens

The most popular types are standard, super, pet, metal, and high definition mesh, to name a few.

  • Standard - It is a standard mesh with typical traits that a mesh would have with no extra-ordinary properties.
  • Super Strength - The super-strength mesh offers three times the strength with the same airflow.
  • High Definition - The high-definition mesh is almost invisible from more than 5 feet away. Increased airflow. It has half the strength of standard mesh.
  • Insect Screen - Insect screen has smaller holes to keep the bugs out. It offers reduced light penetration and is just as strong as the Super Strength mesh.
  • Pet Mesh - This mesh is eight times stronger than the Standard mesh. It offers significantly reduced light penetration and airflow. The replacement for this mesh is much more involved, making this type of mesh more expensive. It’s usually used on patio doors.

For most windows, the cost increase is around $5 to $12 per window. Pet mesh is expensive and could cost $40 or more for a patio door. Pet mesh is usually used on doors alone since it is a thicker mesh.